Northside has a class that’s right for you!
Sharing God’s Love and Making Disciples for Christ — that’s the purpose statement for Northside, and as a church, we believe one of the best ways to make disciples is to train them in God’s Word. We aim to follow this mission throughout each week — Sunday until Saturday. From every infant to each and every older adult, all people that come to Northside are encouraged to find out what God has in store for their lives. One of the most important ways to do that is to study the Word of God: The Bible. There are a wide variety of classes for adults and a class for every child’s age group.


Adult Sunday School at Northside

Northside’s Adult Sunday School Classes on Sunday morning offer a dynamic opportunity to learn and grow in Christ through study of The Bible.

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Youth Sunday School at Northside

Youth Sunday School is separated into girls and guys for the Junior High School (6th to 8th Grade) and the High School. Come be a part of this exciting time of learning and fellowship.

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Children Sunday School at Northside

We have wonderful Sunday School Teachings and Activities that fits your family.

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