It’s Wednesday night. You walk into a warmly lit room feeling like the week couldn’t get any longer. That conflict with your co-worker at work has really been weighing heavy on your mind . . .
Praise Band

A friend told you about this service and invited you to come, and since you didn’t have anything else to do, you came. You say hello to the first person to greet you; it seems like most people you see look at home, are chatting with each other and are smiling. You feel like you could use a friend right now, since you just moved to Jackson last month. Looking at the front of the room, you see a drum set, keyboard, conga drums, bass guitar, microphones and a projection screen above you — what is going to happen here? The music starts; you don’t know the songs, but it doesn’t take long until you start to hum along. It turns out that tonight, a man is speaking about how his life has been changed by Jesus’ love. You listen, and as you do, you recognize the man — you think he works at the same place you do. You didn’t know that he went to church here. Several minutes have passed as you were pondering all of this. Then the lights dim and the pastor starts to pray. Fifteen minutes ago you wouldn’t have predicted it, but somehow you feel comfortable in this place — it’s peaceful — just what you need right now. You close your eyes, and pray — something you haven’t done enough of lately. As you do, you are starting to feel better — eventually feeling somewhat revived and invigorated. The lights get brighter and the people singing with the microphones in the front of the room start to sing a rousing praise song. You smile…the service is over. A thought runs through your head…I think I need this again next week.

This might not be your story, but we have found that for most of us, parts of it are all too real. The Wednesday night praise service has become a mid-week Spirit refueling of sorts. It is 45 minutes of singing, praying, growing and healing. Songs are led by a full band and praise singers and lifted up to the Lord as a sacrifice of praise. In the brief teaching time each Wednesday, we are challenged, comforted and brought closer to God as we listen to a speaker or hear the testimonies of some of our fellow members.

The Wednesday night praise service is a special time in the weekly life of our church. Come join us for fellowship and worship.

Food and Fellowship:

Come for food and fellowship before the praise service in Hope Hall each Wednesday.

Sign up sheets are posted in the Narthex to make your meal reservation, call the church office by noon on Tuesday, or on our church website.

All meals include a drink. $3 per person or $12 max per family.

Serving begins at 5:15pm until 6:00pm.

See you there!

Wednesday Connexion begins at 6:15 pm after the meal.

Looking for a Place to Volunteer at Northside?

We are looking for a volunteer to assist in serving fellowship meals on Wednesday nights from 4-6pm. Is this where you could serve? If you are interested in helping on Wednesday nights, please contact Helen Brooks or Nancy Gay.

Wednesday Fellowship Dinner

at 5:15 pm in Hope Hall


Praise Service at 6:00 pm in Hope Hall

Small Groups and Bible Sundays at 6:45 pm

Sanctuary Choir at 7:00 pm in the Sanctuary