Outreach Team Purpose: The Outreach Leadership Team works to inspire the church in quarterly mission activities, identify and coordinate church wide outreach opportunities for small groups, Sunday School classes, adults, youth and children, and distribute funds for outreach missions with a clear feedback and accountability system for those missions being supported.

The fruit of love is service. Northside has dozens of mission opportunities, so that people, may use their God-given talents, to reach out and serve others in the name of Christ. Guided by the Outreach Ministry Team, Northside chooses local agencies to support, both by volunteering and through financial contributions. Find out how you can get involved in “loving one another.”

New to Northside is the “Outreach Newsletter”.  It will be published once a quarter and a copy will be placed here and it will be also be emailed to the church.  Please make sure the church has your email address on file.  If you are not receiving emails from the church, send us an email and we will add you to our list.

People of Hope Church

2nd Campus of Northside UMC

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We so often hear of hunger problems around the world. Snack Back Pack is a local mission to help over 900 children in Jackson each week receive food items on Friday at school so they have enough food for the weekend.  Christ calls us to serve the poor and the hungry; the Snack Pack program makes it simple to fulfill our calling and minister to those who have real needs right here at home.

RIFA:  Our On-going Monthly Needs

Ramen Noodles, Pop Tarts, Ravioli, Apple Sauce Pouches, Oatmeal Packets, Chicken Noodle Soup, Popcorn single serve Packs, Cheddar Cheese Ramen Noodles.  All products are to be Peanut free per JMCSS Policy

Please leave your donation in the RIFA mission box in the hall outside the Narthex going towards Hope Hall and  a volunteer will deliver them to RIFA.

They are in NEED of plastic grocery bags.

“Please leave your donation in the RIFA mission box in the Narthex at  the church and a volunteer will deliver them to RIFA.”

Allowing your children to participate by including an item of their choice also helps them understand about sharing and giving to others.
This vital outreach is open for everyone, it doesn’t require any additional time away from your family, and it is so simple that even children can contribute.




Room in the Inn is an outreach ministry through which local congregations partner with Area Relief Ministries to open their church facilities to welcome homeless men. Guests are provided with transportation, meals, lodging, clothes, supplies and most importantly Christian fellowship with the host volunteers. RITI provides an opportunity for volunteers to form relationships with our guests and for both the guest and host to receive a blessing — an encounter with God in the midst of hardship and suffering. To learn more about this ministry or for ways to serve in RITI, contact Karen Fisher at 217-4689 (c) or email at fisher5@eplus.net.



Maplewood nursing home has a special place in Northside’s heart. As part of our community, we are called to serve all! Come be a part of this important ministry to lead the residents in worship.




Have you noticed a new Campbell soup can under the mission tree? SAM is sponsoring the collection of soup labels for Reelfoot Rural Ministries. Over the years Reelfoot has received toys and equipment for their Child-care Center from Campbell. Please clip your soup labels and drop them in the collection can by the mission tree or the oversized can in the Narthex.

Please save the front panels from all Campbell’s products: Swanson Chicken products , V-8 juices , Franco-American products Prego Sauces . You can drop your labels in the giant Campbell’s Soup Can in the Narthex.



“Dorcas was a New Testament woman “abounding with deeds of kindness and charity.” – Acts 9:36.

“Dorcas was a New Testament woman “abounding with deeds of kindness and charity.” – Acts 9:36.
The Dorcas ministry at Northside attempts to meet the needs of our membership through the provision of meals due to hospitalization, deaths or being bedridden. Call Annette Wright, 668-8317, or notify the church office if you would like to join us or need further information on this ministry.



The Prayer Shawl Ministry provides hand-knitted or crocheted shawls to members of the congregation who are going through difficult times. The symbolism of the shawl indicates shelter, peace and spiritual comfort. The shawls are an outward expression of our love and a continuing reminder of God’s love. Personal instruction and patterns are available. Some members who are not free during the day, contribute shawls they have made at home. For more about the Prayer Shawl Ministry, contact Carol Cole at 664-9363.



“Now a certain woman named Lydia heard us. She was a seller of purple from the city of Thyatira, who worshiped God. The Lord opened her heart to heed the things spoken by Paul. “And when she and her house-hold were baptized, she begged us, saying, “If you have judged me to be faithful to the Lord, come to my house and stay.” Acts 16: 14-15

Statement of Purpose:
We at “Lydia’s Footsteps,” are Christian women whose main purpose is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have chosen to incorporate our love of fabric and quilting with our God-given talents of art and design. It is our desire to bring God’s word and love into homes through our unique signed and hand-written scripture creations.

Lydia’s Footsteps into your home:
This creation was handmade by the ladies of “Lydia’s Footsteps”. Lydia was a woman from the city of Thyatira (in Asia Minor) who sold purple cloth. In Acts 16: 15 she was baptized by Paul and she said to him “If you have judged me faithful to the Lord, come to my house to stay.” We at “Lydia’s Footsteps” are saying to you. “If you judge these verses to be faithful to the Lord and if they speak to your heart, then take them into your house to stay.” Psalm 119:105: Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

If you wish to purchase a quilt to give as a gift to someone special to you or have ANY questions, please contact one of the following:

Contact Information:

Inda Oliver


CASA – Court Appointed Special Advocates (Madison County, TN)
Financial contributions to the program go toward the recruitment, training, and supervision of the volunteers who are working day to day with children who need an advocate in court.

Youth Town (Pinson, TN)
The program connects children at risk for delinquency to supporting adults and equips them with the skills they need to make better choices.

Dream Center (Jackson, TN)
Support shelter for homeless women and children.

Mission Trips
Northside offers mission trip opportunities to those interested to various places in the US and to ministries and churches we partner with in other countries.  Each year we lead a couple of Volunteers in Mission trips to locations such as Kenya, Tanzania, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Haiti, as well as national sites such as UMCOR, Sager Brown or Mountain Top.  The entire church gets involved in the gathering of supplies that the team takes and distributes and in providing funds for medicines and food and other supplies that the team members distribute. We also have had several individuals from Northside serve as IVs (Individual Volunteers) in several countries through UMVIM. Our children provide funding for a school for disadvantaged children in India, as well as partner with our Outreach Team to coordinate mission projects throughout the year. We are a church that understands the importance of local, regional and international missions and outreach! If you are interested in serving on one of our mission teams, contact Daphne Moses in the church office.

International Partnership:
Northside Church and Gamasara Church in Tarme, Tanzania are entering into our second 2-year partnership.  The partnership exits to promote spiritual growth, understanding, education and connection between the two churches.  Prayer Concerns are shared each week between the two churches.

Northside’s Missionaries
Eric and Liz Soard……………………………………………………………………………………. Tanzania, Africa
John Sharp……………………………………………………………………………………………….Young Life


Northside Church Education Gift Fund

Download Education Gift fund Policy and Procedure revised 2020 (PDF)

The Northside Church Education Gift Fund provides money to assist students who wish to pursue a continuing education. These funds are not limited to college education alone but can also be awarded for technical or trade schools, retraining for displaced workers, or any other training designed to further the education of the recipient.

* Financial support will be awarded on the basis of need for those who might not otherwise be able to attend an institution for continuing education.

Guidelines for the Education Gift Fund:

* Financial support will be awarded on the basis of need for those who might not otherwise be able to attend an institution of continuing education.

* In the calculation of need, other factors besides income alone will be considered, such as family size, a costly illness, or any other special circumstances that affect the affordability of continuing education.

* Each applicant must provide copies of your registration and class schedule and a copy of your transcript (or ACT or SAT score if you are applying for funding for your first semester of college).  You are asked to provide proof of satisfactory progress in your course of study at the end of the semester, if you received funding for that semester.

* The Education Gift Fund will be awarded primarily to individuals who attend Northside Church, but other individuals are not excluded.

* Federal guidelines for financial aid prohibit any student from receiving more total dollars from all sources than necessary to meet student expenses. These funds will be distributed so that federal law is not violated.

* The Education Gift Fund will not be able to cover all educational costs.   Our funds are intended to supplement:
* Your earnings
* Pell Grants
* Scholarships
* Government Loans
* Contributions from parents or others

You are strongly encouraged to apply for other sources of funding for your college education or other continuing education.  Applicants who have already sought other sources of funding will be considered first.

The deadline for submitting your application to the Education Gift Fund Team is July 1st.

Scholarships will be awarded annually.


Place completed application (and other required documents) in an envelope and place it in the Education Gift Fund mailbox in the church office (Attention:  Education Gift Fund Team)  or mail to:

Northside Church
Attn:  Education Gift Fund Team
2571 North Highland Ave
Jackson, TN 38305

If you would like to email your application (and other required documents) call the church office to get the email address to send it to.    Please contact the church office with any questions:   731-668-0617.

Arise Jackson / Team Read 

Northside’s partnership with Isaac Lane Elementary School

Northside UMC has over 30 individuals serving as ‘coaches’ for 60 children in 6 public elementary schools in Jackson for the school year 2015/16 through Team Read.  These individuals are ‘coaching’ two children each week for 30 minutes per child.

Team Read involves volunteers or “coaches’  teaching the foundational words of reading to second graders using Fry’s sight word list (1000 words).  Because 66 percent of words that all readers use are included in the first 300 words on this list, students are more likely to be on grade level when they enter third grade and begin reading to learn.

In Jackson, Team Read is a part of Arise Jackson (A Renewal In Student Education and Evangelism).  Team Read is one of the three goals of Arise Jackson.  The other two goals are: To strengthen the body of Christ by uniting Adopter churches and community churches of diverse sizes, denominations and races, and to help engage people of faith in the broader movement to eliminate educational inequity that disproportionately impacts children of poverty.    For the school year 2015/16, Northside has agreed to be one of the six ‘adopter’ or lead churches in our city to partner with the six elementary schools that are currently part of Arise Jackson.  Our school is Isaac Lane Elementary School, a school of 520 children.  We have created an Arise Jackson Advisory Team of 8 individuals from Northside who work with the principal and leadership of Isaac Lane.  Northside is honored and excited to be able to be in partnership with this group of teachers, staff and students.