We know prayer is the key to knowing God’s will for our church. We take seriously praying for each other, our community, and our world.

E-Prayer Team
We have over 300 families that are a part of our E-Prayer Team. Simply call 668-0617 or email us at to use this prayer ministry. *If you are asking prayer for someone other than yourself — we MUST have that person’s permission!

Worship Service Prayer Warriors
Worship prayer ministry is an opportunity for anyone to participate in worship services through prayer. A worship prayer minister contacts the pastor delivering the message via email the Monday before the Sunday service for specific prayer needs. He/she then prays daily for the message and the service. On worship Sunday, he/she arrives at the sanctuary 20 minutes before the service to pray over the service and sanctuary then meets in the choir room 10 minutes before the service to pray for the worship team and service. During the worship service, he/she remains in the choir room and prays throughout the service. The service can be heard while praying allowing a unique opportunity to participate and serve through prayer. Worship prayer ministers serve approximately 3 times a year. Contact Jim Russell at 664-6477